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CarLab is the leading online key programming resource for Automotive Locksmiths, Mechanics, and Auto Electricians.

Under the hood

Everything at Your Fingertips

CarLab is a comprehensive database with hundreds of manual procedures, photos, videos & other helpful resources to guide you every step of the way, including key and remote programming tips for many challenging and problematic vehicles. Carlab covers hundreds of vehicle makes, models, key blanks, transponders, programming guides & more. All information is constantly updated by our specialist LSC technical team.

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Available 24/7

Available across multiple platforms, CarLab has you covered for hundreds of Australian regional specific models. No need to check international catalogues — everything you need is online!

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Key Features

  • Specific data for the Australian region.
  • Instant vehicle support and required equipment overview.
  • Details on security measures like PIN codes and acquisition methods.
  • Comprehensive key, transponder info, and personal notes storage for each vehicle model.
  • Quick purchase links for transponders and keys.
  • Cloning and transponder production options.
  • Silca key cutting cards and universal remotes for Australian models.

A closer look

Programming Overviews

A handy summary when out on a job that allows you to quickly know at a glance if the vehicle is supported & what is required.

1500+ Listed models

With more added routinely, get access to the most accurate & reliable information as possible specific to the Australian region.

Vehicle Specific Info

Find out model specific blade profiles, shells, & complete key options, as well as extensive info regarding the key & transponder the vehicle requires & much more.

The Perfect companion

CarLab is the perfect companion for the industry standard Smart Pro device, providing helpful transponder and key programming walkthroughs and constant updates on Smart Pro developments.

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